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Lee's Legacy Collection

From 2014 to 2015, Mary Ann was a happy mother of two amazing children, ages 5 and 1. She was enjoying the bustle of her family life while working a full-time job in the corporate sales and marketing world. When Lee died from complications related to Timothy’s Syndrome in November 2015, she felt like she lost her purpose in life – to care for a child with special needs and a chronic health condition. In the years since his death, she’s been grieving and healing while also reflecting on how best to channel her loss into something meaningful for the world. Being a parent to Evelyn Ann (now 4 years old) has been a special gift, though she was also eager to feel fulfilled again in other ways. 

When a close friend’s daughter was diagnosed with Leukodystrophy in 2018, Mary Ann immediately realized she wanted to do something. April Robson had supported Mary Ann and the Ciciarelli family when Lee died, and she was ready to return the love. The JOY bracelet project was born and helped raise nearly $900 for the Robson family in just a few weeks.

Mary Ann is now focusing her time and energy on other special jewelry projects that will help families of children with chronic conditions and special needs. 

Her second project is the DREAM bracelet, which will raise money for the dream of the founder of Hayden’s Heart, Ady Dorsett Mary Ann attended a Hayden’s Heart retreat (Healing of the Heart) for mothers who have lost children to rare heart conditions in 2016. She wants to support other mothers in experiencing the love and care she did at this retreat. 

If you are interested in partnering with Mary Ann to create a piece of jewelry under the Lee’s Legacy collection to help raise money for an organization close to your heart, please email 


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